Good question!  Sadly, the fear of plant death stands in many peoples way of having plants in and around their house.  This is a real pity, as with a bit of routine and a few essential items, you can keep your plants happy and healthy.  If you purchase a plant through Hilly, Hilary can give you some suggesitons as to how to best care for your new purchase.


The drainage hole in the bottom of your pot has been sealed, so the water can't drain.  There is gravel at the bottom of the pot so it doesn't get wet feet.  When watering, add sparingly and regularly, to keep the plant healthy and avoid over-watering.


As some of the Hilly items are rather cumbersome, postage isn't the most economical way to get it from me to you.  For orders that exceed 5 units I'll contact you directly to organize delivery.

On checkout, there are several shipping options.  These include:

Sherpa Delivery* -  $30 per order
Using the app Sherpa, we will send the product to your house/work via a private car courier.  If no one is home they will leave your exciting new item somewhere out of the way.  This will happen ASAP after purchasing your order and be delivered to you in 2 hours.  
* Delivery available to inner Melbourne suburbs only

Personal Delivery - $20 per order
If you live around the inner Melbourne suburbs, I can deliver the item to you. Delivery will happen outside of business hours and on weekends.  Delivery is not always possible, so if I am unable to deliver it, I will contact you directly to arrange an alternative.

Pick up from Hilly HQ

You can pick up your new purchase/s from Hilly HQ in Brunswick.  I will notify you when your order is ready and arrange a time for you to pick it up.

Live elsewhere?

Purchase your product first and contact me personally so we can discuss delivery options.  I want you and your new plant stand to live a long, happy, life together, so will do my best to bring you both together ASAP. Select 'Pick-Up' on checkout.

These FAQ's are a working progress, so if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at